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Annual Car Tax Renewal Service

Renewal of vehicle registration or vehicle tax Ready to assist with tax renewals or annual vehicle registrations. make it more convenient and comfortable

Document Support the renewal of a vehicle's registration
- A copy of the car registration book or a car registration book
- Proof of insurance in accordance with the Car Accident Protection Act, B.E. 2535
- Proof of passing a vehicle inspection (in case of a car over 7 years old)

Recommendations for tax renewal each year
- Renewal of annual vehicle registration It is deemed important to follow the legislation, which requires the tax to be renewed each year. If you own a car, you must renew the advance tax no later than three months before the registration expires.
- A fee will be imposed if the annual car tax renewal is not completed by the deadline. If the annual tax payment is not made for three years in a row, the vehicle's registration will be suspended. In order to apply for a new registration, you must submit the following documents.

Registration service

Property registration service in the field of machinery and autos that come to apply for a loan According to the Land Transport Act, B.E. 2522, the temporary use of the red sign for new cars is limited to 30 days from the date of delivery.

Document for registration
- Documents proving the purchase of a new car, such as lease agreements, purchase agreements, receipts, and tax invoices, etc
- Notification of a supplier's, manufacturer's, or importer's sale. Evidence of importation from the Customs Department (Form # 32) is necessary in the case of importation. Import duty receipt. A copy of the invoice as well as a copy of the import shipping declaration are both required.
- Evidence of the vehicle's owner, such as a snapshot of the driver's license. If you are a juristic person or a registered organization, you must be a juristic person or a registered organization. A certificate of juristic person registration is necessary. and a snapshot of the approved director's identification card with a seal (if any)
- Evidence of insurance coverage under the Car Accident Protection Act (B.E. 2535)
- In the case of foreigners, a photocopy of their passport that has been verified for a valid visa, as well as a certificate of residence or work from the embassy

Transfer of ownership service

Provide a transfer of ownership service. You do not need to be concerned about making the transfer of ownership of the car as simple as possible. Whether it's trading in newbies or transferring ownership to the renter once the hire-purchaser has paid all of the installments on the contract,

Document for transfer of ownership
- Registration book
- A copy of your ID card Use a juristic person registration certificate and a copy of the authorized director's identification card if the person is a juristic person.
- Purchase contract, receipt and tax invoice
- Transfer request and transfer request form which has already filled out the list and signed the name of the transferor and transferee
- Power of attorney together with a copy of the recipient's identification card in case the transferor and/or the transferee fails to do so by himself/herself